The gecko needs to cook too! (Part Jhenaidah)

গরীব ব্যাচেলরের ছুটির দিনের সুখ (ঝিনাইদহ পর্ব)

Back when I moved out of my house from Dhaka to a tiny town named Jhenaidah, I had itsy-bitsy (read zero) culinary skills. But in a city like Jhenaidah, there are a very few options (read zero, again) or take out or dining out. After three days of eating raw veggies, and two days of very very upset stomach, I realised that, even a gecko needs to cook her insects. Thus, with the help of my aunts, and sister, (and of course Youtube), my humble culinary journey began.

There were two days of Farmer’s market (Haat baar) in Jhenaidah, Sunday and Thursday. To get fresh produce, these two days were the only options.



As my weekend was on Friday, I used to buy chicken, fish beef, or shrimp (Food that can be cooked and stored for a week) on Thursday, So that I could meal prep on Friday. and on Sunday, just vegetables and eggs.


Gradually, I tried to grow my own food on my very tiny veranda. I managed to grow Red amaranth (Laal shaak) and green chillies and sprouted various seeds.

I used to sprout different seeds, as they are a good source of protein and fibre.



The raw carrots were an addition from our office vegetable garden.
First time trying to cook Hilsha!





I used to have a weekly vegetarian day, the Laal shak (Red amaranth) was grown in my kitchen veranda


The dessert was a gift from my boss travelling from South Korea 😀 and it was chicken day, probably because it was my birthday
Weekend breakfast! probably trying to make up for entire week’s fibre:P
My landlady’s daughter had a birthday party, where no one showed up, a small attempt to cheer her up 😀
Shakshuka! was meal prepping for 2 days!

Spinach grown in my kitchen Veranda!



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